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In the sector of services for insurance companies to implement rating policy systems for auto (auto civil liability in first place) OCTOTELEMATICS boasts in the Italian insurance services agreements and first class collaboration with Generali, Sai-Fondiaria, Ras, Unipol, Aon Nikols and more.

Particularly, Unipol has activated with our technology and our services the project Unibox Safe Road in line with the European Union expectation on the increase of road safety, reducing accidents, and with the aim of offering road assistance in case needed, to increase the efficiency of insurance services to all the advantages of the insured.

The road assistance service is distributed from the European Assistance through the central OCTOTELEMATICS multi-service centre. The security and the tracking operation in case of theft are handled from the surveillance and security room of OCTOTELEMATICS ( I.V.R.I., Telecentral, Prosegur) organised on national and European territories in respect of the regulations in force.

The innovative services of assistance controlled and under surveillance (tracking operations in case of accidents) are entrusted to the collaboration with SPS.

The choice of the technology used for the development of the systems and the implementation of the services is explained by the collaboration of a high level profile and technology content. Among the main companies to be remembered: Metasystem, Siemens, Tyco, Navtech, Geonext, Oracle, SuseGmhb, Sistematica, Telespazio…

Octotelematics is an active company which operates in the sector of the telematic systems and services. Services offered range from variable tariffs to “pay per use” tariffs for the auto civil liability insurance, fire, theft and accidental failures.

Thanks to Octotelmatics services the insured can, for the first time ever verify with transparency all the factors that are involved in his/her own insurance expenses. Thus, not only can the insured verify either on line or in real time his/her expenses, but also his/her own savings.
Safety and innovation
The company’s main target is the adoption of innovative, safe, expandable and client friendly systems.

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